New LEGO titles on Netflix


A host of new LEGO film and TV content has been added to Netflix. It’s all CG stuff, but cool nonetheless.

Among the new titles are:

Of these, I’ve only managed to watch the Friends and Atlantis shorts. “New Girl In Town” has about as bland of a story as you’d imagine; though what really bothered me about it was the design of the thing. Every character has the same build and appearance, and can pretty much only be told apart by their hair and clothing. The men all look like 12-year-olds with beards (watch especially for the creepy mayor and his smooth dance moves), and everyone’s got bizarro mouth shapes that match their dialogue almost as often as they match the characters’ emotion.

Meanwhile, “Atlantis” plays out like a feature-length script that someone condensed into 22 minutes. It’s got no payoff, but it’s harmless fun with some neat characters and energetic voice acting. I’d say it’s worth checking out, especially for kids who dig the sets.

Atlantis actually reminded me of a more successful version of “The Adventures of Clutch Powers”, particularly in the structure and characterization. “Old Guy, Meathead, Nerd, and The Girl all go off on an adventure where they use building skills to do… something.” Clutch Powers is also on Netflix, but I’ll have to save my extended thoughts on that yawn-fest for another time.

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