Classic Golf moments, recreated with LEGO animation

Because why not.

The Golf Channel website has a couple of brick re-creations of moments from golf history; apparently created in anticipation of/to promote the 146th Open which starts this week.

These don’t seem to be anything close to a cross-promotional tie in with The (all lower-case) lego Group, but they are officially branded with the rainbow peacock logo. (I’m picturing an NBC page animating these in a spare office.)

Anyway, here’s minifigure Jack Nicklaus beating Doug Sanders at The Open in 1970.

And here’s Henrik Stenson’s win at Royal Troon—with one of the most unusual attempts at minifig lip-sync I’ve ever seen.

As (nearly) always, the viral intent of these spots means that we get no credits and no attribution for the animators. The style here is perhaps a bit too simple to be able to recognize the animators by sight, but maybe some of you internet sleuths can figure out who was behind these.

EDIT 07/21/17: Thanks to my co-editor and some smooth simians, we now know that these spots were made by Jared Jacobs, aka Gold Yeller! Check out some more spots (as well as some behind-the-scenes) here.

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