Addicted to Egg

I wish I could switch the view counts on these two videos.

Egg,” a 17-second long brickfilm by CheesyBricks, oozes with personality. The animation is playful and inventive. It is exactly as long as it needs to be.

Avicii – Addicted To You,” a 5-minute brickfilm by Keshen8, is boring and banal. The animation is sluggish and uninspired. Since it’s a music video, the length is pre-determined, so I won’t critique for being longer than it needs to be. But I will say it outstays its welcome.

Compare this video to Keshen’s masterpiece, “Lego Black Ops.” The characters in “Lego Black Ops” move with purpose and weight, the cinematography is interesting, it doesn’t outstay its welcome. The characters in “Addicted to You” hesitate, they pause, they move like they are in molasses. I’m happy that Keshen got commissioned to make this video—the more commissioned brickfilm work out there, the better for our community—but I couldn’t help but find the final product lacking.

Keshen says, “I don’t really like the cartoony over emphasis on movement that you see in some stop motion and CG work.” This may just come down to our stylistic differences (I love cartoony over-emphasis), but I argue that “Addicted to You” goes too far in the opposite direction.

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