Help us find every brickfilmer on social media

In order to better keep up with all the new brickfilms, we are trying to compile lists of all the brickfilmers. We need your help to make the lists better.

Brickfilmers on YouTube

I started by going through the Brickfilmer’s Guild directory and clicking through on all the profiles with social media links. Our Twitter list of brickfilmers has almost 350 LEGO animators (whether past, present, or occasional) on it. The equivalent Facebook interest list has close to 100. We’ve also subscribed to 400 brickfilmers on YouTube using our channel. (Unfortunately, YouTube doesn’t have a way to share a list of channels, the About page is the best we can do.)

We hope that these lists will help you to discover new brickfilms (as they have for us). We make a point of adding new brickfilmers as we come across them, but we need you do let us know who we’re missing. Did we include you and your favorite brickfilmers? While you’re at it, subscribe to us on Twitter and Facebook for our latest updates.

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