Animation Tips Series from Mega Bloks

I  discovered a well done and funny “Animation Tips” video series the other day while looking around sites for brickfilming news. The “Animation Tips” series was made for the HALO Toymation Mega Bloks website and is very educational for both novices and experts of brickfilming. Tyler Gregory, the creator of the animation tips video series, delivers five great short tutorials about stop-motion animation using Mega Bloks bricks as his brick of choice. Tyler’s use of humor and illustrations keep the viewer entertained and informed about the subject.

Tyler’s Tips:

Tyler’s Tips #1 Introduction

Tyler’s Tips #2 Planning

Tyler’s Tips #3 Lighting

Tyler’s Tips #4 Movement

Tyler’s Tips #5 Final Techniques

Tyler Gregory produced the winning entry of the Halo Toymation 2011 contest with his action-thriller The Rookie.

He was also a judge for the Halo Toymation Fest 2012. Most of Tyler’s  video productions on his YouTube Channel are machinima videos.

Another animation tips videos series can be found on Halo Toymation website produced by stop-motion expert Erik Goulet. Erik  teaches stop-motion animation at Concordia University and also founded the Montreal Stop-Motion Film Festival. His series is educational as well.

Even if you brickfilm only with LEGO products, you can still get something out of this series. Check it out. 

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