The Making-Of “Bestia” is Truly Inspiring

A couple of months ago, France & Alex released a 22-minute long historical brickfilm that is impressive to say the least. They spent a considerable amount of time producing the film, and have just recently released a video that gives a close up, behind-the-scenes look at what went into making “Bestia“.

A few of the things that impressed me the most about the film were the intricate camera movements and character motions. They’re some of the best I’ve seen in a brickfilm in a long time. Their behind-the-scenes video is truly inspiring and enlightening. From the very practical lighting set-ups, to the complex camera and motion rigs made from LEGO, France & Alex take the “limitations” of a webcam and push them as far as they can. In fact, after watching this video, I’m even more convinced that webcams are one of the best cameras to use for brickfilming. Set some time aside to watch “Bestia” and then be sure to watch the incredible making-of video.

Bestia (making-of) – YouTube

Bestia – YouTube

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