Set aside a week to animate with BRAWL 2013

One of the hardest things about making an animation is finding the time to do it. The great thing about a contest like THAC is it forces you to get down to the business of animating ASAP, because of the sever time limits. BRAWL is like THAC, but on a slightly longer time-frame.

BRAWL 2013

BRAWL logo made by Bricks in Motion user RealBrick

BRickfilm All Week Long (BRAWL) challenges participants to make a 30-second (or longer) animation in the space of a week. In order to make sure no one does any animation beforehand the theme and “mod element” aren’t announced until the contest starts at 12:00 am GMT on July 28, 2013.

The mod elements are visual elements that must be included in every shot of your film to ensure that nothing is animated before the beginning of the one week time period; they are different for every BRAWL and will be announced at the start time.  There will be two kinds of “mod” elements, and entrants only need to ensure that one of the two elements is present in every shot of footage for their film.

I myself have never participated in BRAWL before (maybe this year will be the year?). I always look forward to it though, as there are a lot of animations produced in a short space of time. What about you, are you going to be BRAWLing next week?

BRAWL 2013

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