LEGO DC Universe Super Heroes Tongal Contest

LEGO Superman and villains pose dramatically

Here’s another chance to win some money for making a brick animation. As always, we urge you read the “Executional Mandatories:”

• No mixing of the DC Comics Super Hero characters with any Marvel characters

• DC Super Heroes should always appear heroic and their actions should reflect their identity

• DC Super Heroes can be placed in humorous situations but they should not appear dumb, stupid or silly.

• Content should be family friendly – no foul language, sexual situations, blood or extreme violence

• DC Super Hero characters should not be portrayed using alcohol, tobacco or drugs

• Do not use any crude body humor with the DC Super Heroes

• Do not use the DC Super Heroes in any religious or political situations

In other words, this is not the contest for ForrestFire Films.

The many LEGO Tongal contests have been a good source of new brick animations (awesome!), constraints and money are always big drivers of creativity, but we are still wary of this trend as it is very easy for these kinds of competitions to cross into exploitation of artists (not awesome). As always, we urge you to think critically about the costs and benefits of participating.

LEGO DC Universe Super Heroes Video Project

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