Mortal Enemies

In the magical land of Riigo-Faloo, sharks and clowns hate each other like pirates and ninjas do in Internet lore. Many thanks to Harrison Allen for his informative docudrama about this tragic feud.

What makes “Sharks and Clowns” memorable is a creative story told in an interesting way. I love the way elements pop into existence as they are described by the narrator. The animation of the giant squid and cackling Clown King are also highlights. The voices are difficult to understand at certain points and there is some distracting light flicker on the close-up shots, but overall this is a well-done animation with lots of clever moments. Be sure to check out the discussion on Bricks in Motion to see photos of Harrison’s lighting set-up for the flames.

EDIT: Also don’t miss this behind-the-scenes post on the Annoying Noises Facebook page.

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