The “LEGO Movie” (What we know so far)

LEGO: The Motion PictureIt’s been three years since we first got word that a “LEGO movie” was in development over at Warner Brothers. Since that initial announcement, they’ve released some tidbits about the film here and there, but it’s been piecemeal at best. And in this weird, modern, publicity-driven movie making landscape, I can’t tell whether that’s a good or a bad thing.

Technically, this won’t be the first official LEGO feature — there are the four Bionicle films, as well as The Adventures of Clutch Powers; though these are all direct-to-DVD releases. (Also, did you know they’re planning a live-action Hero Factory movie?) I’m sure we’ll cover all of these films on this site at some point, despite the fact that they’re CG animated and not what we classify as true “LEGO Animation”.

Anyway, from what we know, “LEGO: The Motion Picture” won’t fall into that category, either, as it will be mostly CGI with some live-action photography. Other information about the film that has been released thus far (some of it just rumors, I’m sure):

What do you guys think? Does the “LEGO Movie” sound like something you’d go see?

UPDATE [08/29/12 11:00am EDT]

Apparently production folks’ ears must have been burning as I wrote this post, because just as it went live, some new casting and plot information started floating around:

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