“Life of George” webseries contest on Tongal

The LEGO Group has just been going to town with these Tongal contests. The latest one is for their “interactive game” Life of George, and it’s a bit different than previous contests. Rather than a single video, the contest is for a webseries of three 1-2 minute videos. Additionally, only the four people selected in the pitch phase will be able to compete in the video phase (no “wild card” entries). If the winning videos are anything like the viral marketing campaign for the game, they should be a lot of fun.

It’s awesome to see TLG running so many paying contests, and even more awesome that well-known people from the brick animation community like The Four Monkeys and Builder Brothers are winning. But I’m curious as to why TLG hasn’t been promoting the Tongal contests very much (the Superhero ones being the only exception). I discovered the LEGO CITY one only by chance, and have been watching Tongal closely ever since, but I’m sure there are lots of brick animators out there who have no clue these contests are happening. What do you think about all these Tongal contests?

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