Sunsetting The Set Bump

Dear readers: it is with heavy hearts that we have decided to close the Set Bump blog.

Over the past few years, we haven’t been able to update or post things as much as we would have liked, and our discussions on the world of LEGO animation and brickfilms have moved almost entirely to our individual web and social media channels (e.g. Paganomation and BRICK 101).

But before we take down the blog on DESTRUCTION DAY™ (May 16, 2018), we wanted to give you a chance to save any of your favorite links or articles from the site.

EDIT – December 9, 2023: We have decided that rather than removing the content from the website, we will be preserving for as long as possible. Enjoy perusing the archive.

Thanks again for reading and contributing to The Set Bump!

– David Pagano and Dave Pickett