Dissecting the animation style of The LEGO Movie

In case you haven’t seen it yet, watch this great video by Vox that examines The LEGO Movie.

Vox and Grant Freckelton from Animal Logic do a great job explaining the difference between the stop-motionesque style of The LEGO Movie and the “noodle limb” approach of the other LEGO CG movies. There are lots of great freeze frames from the movie that illustrate various points.

They also explore the influence of brickfilms (and The Magic Portal specifically) on The LEGO Movie. If you’re well versed in brickfilm history this is probably old news to you, but it’s all presented in a beautiful and easy-to-consume package.

Watch this video and share it with all your friends to make sure the world knows about influence of fans on The LEGO Movie and why respecting the limitations of the LEGO medium can result in better brickfilms!