Concord of Sound

It is always a pleasure to see my students pursuing stop-motion to such wonderful effect.

This whimsical piece came to my attention through a message from Thomas Panio, a student in a brickfilming class I taught way back in 2011. He and one of his classmates, Malibu Taetz, crafted this lovely “Fantasia”-like film (which was one of the finalists in Cine Brick 2015).

There’s a lot to like in this four-part short; from the well-timed brick-and-plate abstractions in the opening to the lush greenery of the later narrative segments. I also noticed some clever workaround techniques—using a cape to hide disconnect minifigure limbs is a pretty effective solution.

“I just wanted to let you know that I still make brickfilms and your class definitely helped me make better films,” Thomas says. I am very proud.

Sinfonia VI: A LEGO Animation – YouTube