The Animators’ Collective Rogue One Trailer Re-creation

A few of the world’s top brickfilmers recently pooled their efforts into an amazing, professional-quality brickfilm version of the Rogue One trailer.

The production was under the direction of Christopher Gearhart (Bricks Brought to Life) and included 8 other world-class brickfilmers. Kevin Ulrich (Brotherhood Workshop) and Spencer Katz (mobdeli) were the lead animators. The other animators included Sean Willets (theofficialfilmyguy), Zach Macias (Mindgame Studios), James Morr (Spastic Chuwawa), Tommy Williamson (BrickNerd)Forrest Whaley (forrestfire101). Kris Theorin (bionicle28) also designed some CGI scenes.

Go to the “Animators’ Collective” for more information about the dream brickfilming team…..then watch the VFX Breakdown:

And don’t forget to watch the side by side comparison:

The trailer recreation was so awesome that even Popular Mechanics wrote a blog post about the video. Gareth Edwards (the actual director of Rogue One) also wrote to the animators, commending them on their LEGO Rogue One trailer.