Teasing The LEGO Batman Movie

We haven’t spent much time in the world of “The LEGO Movie” lately—but with the next film in the series less than a year away, we finally get to talk more about it.

Warner Bros. has released some promotional images for its forthcoming, aptly-titled film: “The LEGO Batman Movie.” (Not to be confused with “LEGO Batman: The Movie”, a home video release from 2012.) The caped crusader, once again played by Will Arnett, will be swooping into theaters on February 10, 2017.


Batman in a new version of the Batwing, flying over… Gotham? Bricksburg?


A Batcave detail, with costume variations like the “Raging Bat” boxing outfit, and “Excalibat”, which seems to be a Castle-themed suit of armor. (I also see “Bat By Gaslight”, “Glam Bat”, “Current Bat”, and “New 52” signs at the bottom.)


It appears that the brick-built explosion motif will carry over from the first film, and I couldn’t be happier about it.


Batman in his cowl and dinner jacket, microwaving a lobster. Nothing weird about that.


The man himself.

According to ComingSoon.net, a trailer for the film is supposed to drop today. No word on that so far, but we’ll update you as soon it hits the web.

How will this film tie into the established LEGO Movie continuity? We’ll just have to wait (though not quite as long as last time) and see.

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