Tale as old as time

The student has become the teacher.

It’s no secret (or is it?) that I love teaching; there’s something fun and special about sharing what you’ve learned with other people. Over the past few years, Dave and I have done just that—leading numerous workshops on LEGO Animation (we even went so far as to compile a BrickJournal issue about it).

Whenever we discuss storytelling in our classes, I caution folks against things like making a film “about the person who couldn’t come up with an idea for their film,” on the basis that “it’s been done to death.” Now, without even knowing it, Harrison Allen has proved me wrong.

Ella’s Tale” is charming and well-made, and is wholly worth your time in spite of being based around one of the more overused film school tropes. It was an entry into the recent BRAWL 2015 contest over at BricksInMotion.com—meaning that it all came together in one week. Plus, it’s got a hidden ninja.

Just goes to show: any idea can become a memorable film in the hands of the right creator. I hope you learned your lesson, past-David.

Ella’s Tale – YouTube