15 Exquisite Frames

I have praised Jon Rolph (CheesyBricks) before for his concision. His latest animation contains even fewer frames than that 17-second gem.

“Horse in Motion” is a mere 15 frames, but oh what a 15 frames they are! Jon Rolph has recreated in LEGO one of the most famous image sequences ever. To do so, he used an unusual technique; rather than connecting a bunch of pieces together, he simply arranged unconnected pieces on a flat surface.

I’ve seen this technique before in MOCs (such as this Spider-Man mosaic), but I can’t think of anytime I’ve seen this in a brickfilm. The closest parallels I can think of are Annette Jung’s “Thriller” and the Mr. DNA scene in “LEGO Jurassic Park” by Paul and Hailee Hollingsworth.

I recommend watching “Horse in Motion” in high-resolution on a large screen in slow motion. It’s a lot of fun to look at the unexpected LEGO element Jon sprinkled into the different frames (e.g. a chicken, a hand truck, and a pirate flag).