Spared no expense

It may be a bit too quiet here lately, but nothing stops the brickfilming community from pressing onward with impressively cool stuff. (We’re working on some cool stuff of our own, I promise.)

This Jurassic Park tribute was helmed by the father-daughter team of Paul and Hailee Hollingsworth, aka Digital Wizards. They (along with folks like Sean WilletsForrest Whaley, and Garrett Barati) spent several months on the piece, re-creating some of the most memorable scenes from the classic 1993 film. My favorite bit is the stop-motion inclusion of Mr. DNA. Gotta love brick-built animation.

It’s always a point of pride for the community as a whole when brickfilms get high-profile attention, and this one certainly made the rounds—being featured on NPR, Mashable, USA Today, and elsewhere.

What else can be said? Check it out, and be sure to watch the behind-the-scenes video as well.